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…and continue to deeply ENGAGE these folks! By easily Capturing, Organizing + Sharing authentic, heartfelt videos that capture the Voice of Your Community, at no cost!

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How It Works

3 Easy Steps


Capture more engaging and authentic videos right from your clients, volunteers, staff and donors using their smartphones to raise more money, recruit more volunteers, recognize your staff and build your community.

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Click here to start your free trial and we will set up your Landing page with links to your Capture pages. No credit card needed.

Choose Your Questions

Chose what questions you’d like your clients, volunteers, staff and/or donors to answer which will appear on their smartphone (via their built-in camera and mic) when they visit your Capture page (iPhone or Android), either from your emailed link or quickly searching for your non-profit and entering their password.

Share Your Capture Pages

Share your capture pages with your clients, volunteers, staff and existing donors to start collecting your heartfelt videos!

If You Don't Love Us

If you don’t love us within 90 days, simply download your content which you exclusively own and we’ll close your account.

$29/month thereafter. And for each friend you refer who becomes our client, you’ll receive an extra month free!


Your clients, volunteers, staff and existing donors simply answer three or four pre-programmed questions from their smartphone (via their built-in camera and mic). Then with a push of a button from their smartphone, these heartfelt videos appear in your well-organized HeartFeltCapture.com online dashboard, easy and ready to share with your potential donors, volunteers and staff (already stitch-edited videos)!


Choose which clients, volunteer, staff or donor videos you wish to share with prospective volunteers, donors and your community. You can share these video directly from your personalized Dashboard to your social media accounts. Your videos will be organized into their proper album based on client, volunteer, staff and donor videos.


We’ve interviewed thousands of non-profit executives and three major challenges keep surfacing – raising money, recruiting volunteers and recognizing/encouraging staff. From their experience an authentic, heartfelt, smartphone-shot video is the most engaging and no cost method to get and bond relationships with donors, volunteers and recognize/encourage staff and donors.

So, we encourage you to encourage your clients, volunteers, staff and donors to express their heartfelt gratitude from each of your events – simply by noting “Please Record Your HeartFeltCapture.com On Your Smartphone” in each of your promotional announcements and in your “calendar of events.”

Smartphone HeartFeltCapture.com will quickly become habit amongst your community because authentic videos are engaging, ever-changing and will raise money, recruit volunteers and recognize staff!

And you’ll build your engaging, reusable video library without paying any video shooting costs! These general and special-purpose videos can be shown at events, on your website, in your social media, etc.

About Us


Alex Garashchenko

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Alex Garashchenko has lead software design and development teams since 2012 on web and mobile engagements. He has served as acting CTO in 5 startups and plays an active role in Philadelphia’s tech scene as co-chair of the Technology Roundtable, which connects 3K local techies. Alex is passionate about being the technical strategy and implementation arm to motivated entrepreneurs who have specialized industry expertise.


Jonathan Katz

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Jonathan Katz has spent 10 years in strategy and technology consulting with a strong focus on CRM and Program Management. During this time, Jonathan also became a licensed real estate agent, with 4 years experience, as well as an investor and builder. Jonathan combines his knowledge from both consulting and real estate to bring new solutions in an effort to transform aspects of the industry.


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Shawn’s been in the digital marketing industry for the past 8 years and has successfully helped 350+ clients achieve their marketing goals. He’s worked with solo entrepreneurs to grow to the mid/high six figure mark and has helped Fortune 500 brand increase their conversion rates.


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