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About Us

For  the past 16 years, interviewing over 10,000+ CEOs through our Nationally Broadcast Radio Program (www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com) we’ve been asked by many of our past CEO Guests of Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals, to help them easily create genuine video – without the need for scripts nor the struggles related to producing good quality video!

We put our heads together and found a way to marry our unique style of interviewing with TECHNOLOGY in order to capture more affordable and original video with HEART –  what resulted?

Heartfelt Capture!

What We Offer.

We created 2 different but very unique products to help everyone easily record professional quality video with less expense

Remote Video & Smartphone Video


We replace the hassle of onsite, large and expensive production crews with simple produced quality videos – all done at a FRACTION OF THE COST!!

We hand-hold you through every step of the process – we remove the burden on script writing, lighting, background etc… and handle everything! We interview you remotely via zoom, while recording your responses through your cell phone – replacing the need for an onsite videographer – and without the aggravation!  We then edit fully for customized quality video at a very low price per video

How It Works

We take care of scheduling everything. You just have to show up and look pretty! Once recorded, we will fully edit ready-for-distribution to social media, website  – anywhere you’d like to post!

Suggestions For Video Content

CEO Profiles: Share your story for relate-ability factor
About Us: Establish your company culture by sharing the company story 
Employee Profiles: Share your employee stories for recruiting purposes
Testimonials: Use your existing clients to obtain new clientele

Employee Testimonials: Help recruit new employees
Special Products: Promote new products or explanations of existing products
Special Services: Promote new services or explanations of existing services
Plus Many More…


With a few simple clicks from your cell phone, our  pre-programmed “easy prompt” system instantly captures stories, removing the fear of not knowing what to say or how to say it. We then stitch the responses together for extremely low cost, ready-to-distribute edited videos.

How It Works

You decide on the questions that will convey your desired content by easily pre-programming the questions you want answers to. Our technology is simple to use! Your choice of anywhere from  1-5 questions, and once pre-programmed, will appear on the storytellers cell phone screen when they easily open a link sent by you! This is our special sauce to help guide everyone to record organic and from-the-heart responses!

We Organize For You:

Once all Videos are recorded and completed, we house  and archive them in your well-organized HeartFeltCapture.com online dashboard, easy and ready to share!

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Ready To Distribute:

Once edited through automated technology which completes your videos within minutes of recording, (or we can manually edit for a bit more customization) you can easily and quickly share the videos.  These general and special-purpose videos can be shown at events, on your website, in your social media, etc.

If you don’t want to burden yourselves with distribution, WE can also help with that  – JUST ASK!!

Suggestions For Video Content

Bonding Employees: Personal Birthday Wishes, New Hire Welcome, Baby News, MVP Employees, Special Announcements
Testimonials: Send to Variety of groups such as Clients /Employees/Staff/ Donors/Recipients/ Volunteers/etc…
Recruiting Videos: Company Culture to draw in qualified candidates

Interviewing Candidates: Ask candidates to record video from questions you choose to pre-program
Events and Conferences: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Conferences, Parties, Team Building Events, Fairs, Carnivals etc… Create a “Video Booth” held at all above – create QR code so anyone can scan from phone “Live” (identical to Photo Booth)
Plus Many more….
Why Us?

The Reason of Choosing Us.

Authentic videos are engaging and ever-changing but if you want to stand out and leverage yourselves within very competitive markets these days, You NEED volume of Creative Video Content!  That’s  where we come in!

Creating interesting and captivating CONTENT is essential for every business and organization in this day and age!!  Remote Video and Smartphone HeartFeltCapture.com will quickly become habit amongst your community, your team, you clients etc… and the remote video   

Use Heartfelt Capture to Build your brand, Market your services, Raise money, Recruit volunteers, Recognize and Bond your team, Create a presence and so many other ways to help market yourself in a unique , consistent, and most importantly INEXPENSIVE manner!

Contact Us

For a demo and more information, please contact us at hello@heartfeltcapture.com

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